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ELA/Social Studies/Project D.C.: We recently finished reading James L. Swanson’s Chasing Lincoln’s Killer. We learned a tremendous amount about President Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, Ford’s theater, and the events surrounding the assassination of our 16th president.   Students are now writing essays that reflect on the question: Did John Wilkes Booth accomplish his goal? The consensus of the class is that Booth did not succeed in his goal, and they are using evidence from the text to argue that Booth ultimately failed on a variety of levels, despite committing this heinous act, primarily because his taking of the president’s life did not serve to reinvigorate the Civil War.

    Over the past few weeks, sixth graders have begun making a seventeen foot by six foot scaled map of the National Mall.  In addition to the map, each student has chosen a building located on the Mall and are building a three-dimensional scale model of the building.  This project requires careful mathematical calculations, the use of Google Earth to learn the actual dimensions of their buildings, and attention to detail as they build their models.  So far, they are taking their work seriously and they are off to a great start.

     This week we reviewed the D.C. Field Experience itinerary.  The students are excited about the trip and asked dozens of questions as we reviewed our plans for what our days will entail during our March 19-22 trip.  I will do my best to answer all questions to ease any anxiety about this adventure. If your child has questions that arise at home, please encourage them to write them down and bring them in to school to share with me.

     A packing list will be sent home prior to February vacation, and the final D.C. Parent Informational meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 13 at 6:00 p.m.

Math: The Upper Multiage Veterans are well into their unit on decimals. This unit covers decimal place value, comparing and ordering decimal values, and addition and subtraction of decimals to the thousandths place.

The Sixth Graders are doing an excellent job with their unit on algebraic expressions and equations. This unit includes order of operations, graphing inequalities, and absolute value.

Science: We have completed our FOSS unit on Mixtures and Solutions.  Students had fun the past few weeks learning about chemical reactions.  We also were fortunate to have Green Mountain Conservation Group join us to facilitate our participation in GET WET!  This well water testing program allowed students to learn more about where we get our water from and the importance of protecting valuable ground water resources.

Our next FOSS science unit is titled Electromagnetic Force.  This unit will allow students to explore the concept of what a force is, the properties of magnets and magnetic fields, the building of circuits and electromagnets, electric motors and electric generators.  

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