Mrs. Hoag - Upper Multiage

hoagHappy New Year!  Everyone in Upper Multiage enjoyed creating and sharing their Christmas vacation slideshows when we came back to school last week.  This was a great way to reconnect, while students worked on their listening and speaking skills.  We had the opportunity to travel down to ILES this past Wednesday to watch a presentation by PSU’s theatrical group, TIGER, which was a great success.  We also want to welcome our new student Tatiana.  Look for her picture in this newsletter!
ELA:  We have compiled a wide variety of non-fiction materials to gain an understanding of Civil Rights and the Civil Rights Movement. This week, students were highly engaged and asked many thought provoking questions as this topic was introduced. Jim Crow Laws and School Segregation were the focus of some activities and discussions. Viewing some original footage from the 1950’s and 1960’s sparked lively conversation. The book, Let Them Play, written by Margot Theis Raven, enlightened the students to the fact that the Civil Rights Movement affected people of all ages in many settings.

Math: Rookies: We learned the partial products method for multiplication this week in math class.  Both partial products and partitioned rectangles are the two main strategies we use in 4th grade math for multi-digit multiplication.  Students are not exposed to the traditional way of multiplication until the start of 5th grade math.  Students also worked hard on our 2-day open response last week, entitled “Walking Away With a Million Dollars.”  We continue to do multiplication mad minutes every now and then to monitor progress with mastering multiplication fact families.  As always, thanks for the extra help with practicing these facts at home.
Veterans are halfway through the fourth unit of Everyday Math.  Currently they are learning about the coordinate grid, and soon we will be learning how to add and subtract using decimal numbers.
Science: Students enjoyed participating in a simulation activity connected to food scarcity over the last few weeks.  They took on the role of deer foraging in a natural environment.  Each student was able to see the hardships that present year after year with population increases, while food supplies dwindle down.  We will tackle a few more lessons in our Environments kit before transitioning over to our Living Systems kit later this month.
Social Studies: During the week following our holiday vacation, we took the time to enjoy the book, An Algonquian Year:  The Year According to the Full Moon. This book provides detailed descriptions and illustrations to explain the yearly cycle of the North Algonquians in precolonial America. Students are now working to create journals where they have taken on the role of a Native American during this time period. They are working to create illustrations to connect with journals as well.

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