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watsonEnglish Language Arts:  With snow days and delayed openings the printing of the first issue of Fox Tales was delayed a bit, but it is finally completed and ready to be shared. We hope you enjoy reading the stories in this first issue, I know the kids worked really hard on their stories, poems, drawings, and photography. Although it wasn’t planned, this issue has a double theme, Sports Biographies and “How To” related pieces. Our second issue will be coming out in March. As for our writing skills, we have been working on writing good complete sentences with subjects and verbs as well as how to punctuate dialogue correctly. We will be working on writing narrative pieces next and hopefully these will be included in the next issue of Fox Tales. In reading we will be finishing up independent book projects and, in honor of Black History Month, we will be reading a couple books by Mildred D. Taylor, whose books focus on the struggles faced by African Americans during the early 20th Century.

Math: The Upper Multiage Rookies (Mr. Watson’s math group) are currently working in a unit on Multiplying Multi-Digit numbers. This is an important unit as multiplication is a skill that will determine continued mathematical success in the years to come. Students will also be continuing to sharpen their times tables fluency through participation in a variety of fun multiplication games and activities. A series of strategies for solving multi-digit multiplication will be learned and applied, including the partitioning of rectangles and partial products, before learning the traditional method for solving multi-digit multiplication problems. Each math lesson begins with a math warm up that reviews a previously covered concept. As always, one of our two math blocks on Fridays is reserved for “Farkle”. This is a fun dice game that requires the students to apply what they have learned about place value and the addition of larger numbers. (See Mr. Chapman’s news for an Upper Multiage Veteran update).

Science: Our Trout in the Classroom project is moving along nicely. All of our eggs have hatched and we now have a tankful of young, lively Brook trout alevin or sac fry (see photo). In another week or so, as the tank water temperature is gradually increased the alevin will enter the fry stage of development, at which time they will swim up in the tank and will be looking for food. There will be a lot of little hungry mouths to feed! Students are also taking turns working in small groups to test the water quality daily. Feel free to stop by the Upper Multiage/6th Grade hallway to check out the trout’s progress. Also in science, we recently built telegraphs as part of our study of electromagnets. We will be using our telegraphs to send both short and long distance coded messages to each other.   

Social Studies: Upper Multiagers continue their study of the Colonial and Revolutionary Periods. We recently read about, and watched a video on the events which led to the start of the Revolutionary War. Students created created “accordion” books which feature many of these critical events.  Very soon we will be starting in depth study of one important historical figure from the Revolution and writing research reports about those individuals.. Our class read alouds have also focused on the Revolutionary Period. Our first novel was My Brother Sam is Dead, by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier. This is a riveting story of one family’s struggle with tragedy and the challenge of surviving during the time of war, in rural Connecticut. Our latest read aloud is by Avi, it is titled Sophia’s War. I chose this novel because of its similarities to My Brother Sam. This story follows the life of a 12 year old girl named Sophia Calderwood who lives in New York City. Sophia and her family must also cope with the horrors of war and how it impacted so many people who lived during that time. Although similar to our first read aloud, there are also differences and this should make for some interesting comparisons between the two novels.

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