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Science: Middle Multiage Scientists created small carts out of a variety of materials while working to answer the focus question,” What features of a cart will help it roll from here to there?” Wheel and axle, bearings and friction were some of the terms that the students were introduced to. After creating carts that would roll, students were engaged in the 'distance challenge.' They took the time to change features on their carts in order to get them to roll down a cardboard ramp and travel as far as possible.  

ELA: 'Opinion Writing' is our current writing project. Students chose their topics, created opening statements, and are working through the writing process to develop three paragraphs that will explain their assertion/arguments. Some of these interesting topics include extending the number of weeks of our winter activities program, installing air conditioning at SCS, and adding another recess to the school day. 

Math: Veterans recently completed the 'Mid Year Assessment' and are now working in the second EDM journal. Unit 5 introduces fractions with many 'hands on' activities aimed at having students gain the understanding of how parts are connected to the whole. Strategies for learning the last few multiplication facts are also introduced in this unit. 6x7, 6x8, and 7x8 seem to be the facts that are most difficult to become automatic with. 

Rookie Math:  The Middle Multiage Rookies have just started Unit 6 and are persevering to solve word problems involving multi-digit numbers.  They are learning how to pull information from a given word problem and organize it into a number model.  Students have also continued to practice using open number lines, number grids, and base ten blocks to help them find a solution.  As these skills develop, we will begin solving multi-step word problems!

Family Math Morning

Thursday, February 21.

We look forward to you joining us!

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