Ms. Busnach's & Mrs. Read - Middle Multiage


Science: Following the holiday break, we worked on an investigation to answer the focus question:  What earth material is smaller than silt? Students were given time to explore with this material (clay) and then predicted what would happen to this material if put into water and shaken up. Students have compiled several quality written reflections on their investigations in this unit on 'River Rocks.'
Math:  Ms. Busnach’s Rookies have become masters of fact families.  Using fact triangles, they have been able to determine the two related addition facts and the two related subtraction facts.  Now we are starting to dig deeper into subtraction.  Students will be identifying and demonstrating different methods of solving subtraction problems. As always, we continue to practice doubles facts, compliments of ten, and using words to explain how a problem was solved.

Mrs. Read‘s Rookies:  have been learning about the different ways to measure an object. Some of the items they have used to measure with are pattern blocks, rulers and tape measures. The rookies have also been working to rename numbers. An example of this: 38 = 30 + 8 or 38 = 20 + 18. The rookies continue to work on becoming automatic with their basic addition and subtraction facts.
Veterans: Since the holiday break, students have been working with many types of measurement.  They have used rulers and tape measures to measure a variety of items in both centimeters and inches. Students used the data they collected to create Line Plots. The veterans continue to put a great deal of effort into becoming comfortable with the fact families of multiplication and division.
ELA: Students who have been reading with Mrs. Read recently enjoyed the beautiful picture book, Owl Moon. by Jane Yolen. We used this story to review character traits and theme. We also became acquainted with the term 'inference.' Reading biographies of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglas helped us make connections with Civil Rights and the Civil Rights Movement.
Ms. Busnach’s reading groups have been reading to learn about Civil Rights.  We read about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks and have had some nice discussions on peace and standing up for what you believe in.  We are making good connections to our personal competencies.  Students have also been practicing partner reading.  We continue to work on tapping out sounds and persevering when unfamiliar words arise!

Writing:  Almost all students are now working on typing their personal narratives.  They are getting acquainted with Google Docs and the keyboard.  After holiday break, students wrote some “rockin’ resolutions” which are on display in our hall!  Students are currently brainstorming about what they could do to change the world, gathering inspiration from the Civil Rights movement and the stories that we have been reading about influential leaders.

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