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Reading and Writing:  After a read aloud we discussed why the author wrote the story.  It is as easy as  P.I.E. ( Persuade, Inform, Entertain) to determine the author's purpose for writing the book. We have been reading many books to "Inform", such as Martin Luther King, Jr., and nonfiction books about animals.  The children did a writing piece after listening to a few books about Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.  They wrote down something they wished they could change to make the world a better place.  The children are also being "Entertained" by various versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We started this fun comparison with Jan Brett's book, Three Snow Bears.  As we explore other versions, we are finding many similarities and differences. Students are sharing the story elements (setting, character, problem, and solution) as we make anchor charts for each book. Our flexible reading groups are reading various stories and working on different skills such as: working on CVC words, listing facts and opinions found in the text, locating sight words, sequencing a story with words and or pictures, or practicing fluency through reader's theater. 

The students enjoyed revisiting our song about the "5 parts of a letter".  After singing and acting out the song, the students worked thoughtfully on writing a letter to Mrs. Ryan, which they surprised her with during their last art class with her.  We added a few more sight words to our Word Wall:  am, this, all, that, then, you, and your.  Students are finding nouns in our room and acting out verbs through various games.

Math:  We have worked on combinations of 10 with games like Dump-It and Snowmen Make 10.  Students have been practicing a song called "Double, Double, This, This." We made a few changes in the song to help us sing our way through our double facts (1+1, 2+2).  They are learning how to use the base-10 blocks to represent a number and make place-value exchanges as well as model 10 more and 10 less.  Students have also been using the number grid to show 10 more and 10 less. Afternoon friends finished the Unit 4 Assessment and the Mid Year Assessment. We have moved onto Unit 5 which is focused on place-value. We will also focus on double facts and + 10 facts.

Our next Family Math Morning is February 21.  We hope you can join us!

Science:  We have been learning a lot about wood during our investigations. The students discovered the answer to these questions and more: Does water absorb into all wood?  Does wood sink or float?  How can you sink wood?  Which type of wood would make a better raft? How can you change the shape of wood? They have been making a lot of observations which they have been recording in their science journals.


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