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Welcome back! As I write this the learners and faculty of Sandwich Central School are wrapping up their first full week. The school is quickly starting to feel lived in and familiar to us all. Thank you for all of the support you have provided to your child as she/he moves through the transition from summer to school. We all appreciate how exciting and exhausting it can be.

Learning at SCS

The first two weeks of school are always focused on community building and routine. This is to ensure that all students feel safe and understand the expectations of their new school year. Primary Multiage used the book Lumi finds her Light  to establish and celebrate perseverance. Their bulletin board is amazing! Middle Multiage has been working to establish “stamina” as they read. Upper Multiage was back at Cold River this week doing their macro-invertebrate study with Green Mountain Conservation Group.

scs1We have been having a lot of fun during our busy days. Thank you so much for all your support at home. The beginning of the school year can be tough and kiddos can be very tired.  I appreciate you helping them get their rest at night and being so happy and ready for school the next day.  During the past few weeks, we have dedicated a lot of time to learn classroom routines, how to use classroom materials, and how to take care of our friends. Our Morning Meeting is in place and the students are participating in all the parts (greeting, share, activity, morning message). We practiced how to leave the school during a fire drill and that it is okay to cover your ears to muffle the loud bell. 

Reading/Writing/Science:  Our focus has been on insects. 

scs2During these first few weeks of school, we have been working hard at building our classroom community. The children have created our classroom alphabet and number line, and have shared their hopes and dreams for the coming school year.

ELA: Choosing high interest books and building reading stamina have been a focus during ELA time and the children are able to select I PICK books and to read for more than 12 minutes. We have explored ways to see numbers differently and to analyze math word problems to make sense of them. 

This week the children have begun to dive into the new Wonders reading program.

scs3Our year is off to a great start in Upper Multiage. During the past couple weeks we have concentrated on the things that are important to our success as a classroom, such as becoming familiar with class routines, developing class rules, and building a sense of community  that will continue to develop and strengthen in the months ahead. I am excited to have the opportunity to do some team teaching with Mrs. Read during our afternoon ELA and Social Studies block. Mrs. Read's experience and familiarity with the kids will contribute to the overall success of our year ahead. We are also fortunate to have Mrs. Merchant and Mrs. Morton working in our classroom this year. 

Language Arts/Social Studies: Upper Multiage students have  been engaged in reading, listening to and discussing Elizabeth George Speare's classic novel, The Sign of the Beaver. Students have been involved with two STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) challenges connected to the novel. With the first challenge they were given a variety of materials and asked to create a shelter that could house the main character's family. The second challenge asked them to use cardboard and or paper to design a miniature canoe that could float in a dishpan full of water.

scs4The Sandwich Central School sixth graders are off to a super start.  We have worked really hard to establish routines and a strong understanding of classroom expectations.  As their teachers, Ms. Markley and I have been using a wide variety of Responsive Classroom strategies to build a cohesive group of learners who are engaged in their work, supportive of one another, and open to new experiences.  While such an environment is difficult to create in a few short weeks, we feel that these students are well on their way. We are enthusiastic about working with your children and look forward to all the experiences we will have together over the course of the school year. 

English Language Arts: We have started our school year with a Sandwich Central School Grade Six tradition - the reading of Time Cat, by Lloyd Alexander.  This classic fantasy novel follows the adventures of Jason and Gareth, Jason’s black cat that has the ability to travel through time and visit nine different locations around the globe.  As we read this book, we have taken a lot of time to work on meeting Inter-Lakes Academic Competencies for Grade Six, such as summarizing the plot, identifying how a character develops over a course of a story, explaining the author’s message, and forming inferences that are explained by using evidence from the text.  We have really enjoyed the thoughtful class discussions, as well as the carefully written reflections that the students have worked hard to develop.

Math: Students in Fifth Grade Everyday Math have been reviewing the concepts of Area and using a variety of strategies for determining the area of a rectangle.  They have been introduced to the volume of three-dimensional shapes and will next learn how to use formulas to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism. 

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