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The SCS playground is coated with a blanket of fresh snow and the sledding hill is wide open. Our first two days of winter activities have been a success. It is always enjoyable to see the children outside getting fresh air and exercise. I would like to extend a big thanks to Ole Andersen, Leo Greene, the SCS Faculty and all of the parent chaperones. We couldn’t do it without you!

As I wrote in a recent communication home, January is a benchmark assessment month at the Inter-Lakes School District. Our educators are gathering various types of student data and using that information to make informed decisions about instruction and student learning. Please contact me or your child’s teacher if you have any questions. Also please remember that we do not have school on Monday, January 20 (Civil Rights Day) and students do not have school on Friday, January 24 (Professional Development for Teachers and Paraprofessionals).


Reading/Writing:  We are enjoying a variety of stories about Tacky the Penguin written by Helen Lester.  As we read each of these entertaining fictional stories, the children have been working together to identify the story elements (character, setting, problem and solution).  On a large chart we are recording our findings and comparing how the stories are the same and different. We have also collaborated with the Middle Multiage on a research project. Each child has selected a penguin that they were interested in learning more about.  They teamed up in pairs so they could learn about their favorite penguin. They have been working together on Friday mornings to research the habitat, diet, appearance, and life cycle of their penguin. During our Wonders Instruction the Morning Friends have been discussing the Essential Question: What rules do we follow in different places?  We have been using a variety of Genre to look at rules: Mary Had a Little Lamb (poem),   


English Language Arts: Veteran readers are exploring poetry! We have looked at free verse, rhyme, and limericks against the backdrop of our essential question: “How do people figure things out?”. Veterans have been learning and practicing where and when to use apostrophes to show possession when writing. They have been illustrating and spelling words that begin with consonant blends and digraphs-whew!

         Rookies from middle multiage have been reading and writing some delightful poetry. They have been working on generating lists of rhyming words and have also been introduced to how sensory language can be used in writing. They read and reflected on many different forms of poetry. Students were inspired to write their own poems as they worked to answer the essential question, 'What do we love about animals?' 

As a class, we have been busy writing to our penpal class from Rhode Island. The children were eager to share information about the SCS Winter Activity Program and had many questions to ask about living in another state.


English Language Arts/Social Studies: 

  • Upper Multiage students who work with Mrs. Read have been reading and writing several forms of poetry over the past few weeks. Students have been creating poetry to respond to the essential question, 'How are writers inspired by animals?' They worked to incorporate figurative language into their writing. They also worked to gain an understanding of what 'point of view' is in writing and how it affects a writing piece. 
  • Students in Mr. Watson’s ELA group have been studying and reading examples of persuasive text. The nonfiction titles the Upper Multiage veterans have read and will be reading include: Are Electronics Good for Us?, A Walk in the Deciduous Forest, and The Future of Transportation. Students will analyze and become familiar with the form before writing their own persuasive, opinion essays


General News: Next week the Sixth Grade will kick-off Project Philly/DC.  This always makes for an exciting time of year in class as we begin to learn about all that we will see and do on our trip in March. That said, it can also be a time that brings about a bit of anxiety for students as they start thinking about spending a few days away from home.  If your child has any questions please encourage them to talk about them with me or bring them up at Morning Meeting. Mr. Hillger, Mrs. Booty, and I will be working hard to make sure that this trip goes smoothly and is enjoyed by all. If you have not yet sent in your child’s second payment of $150, please do so by January 31.

English Language Arts: In addition to taking the ELA MAP assessment this week, we continue to use the Wonders ELA program, and we are currently reading examples of argumentative texts.  The focus has been on money, the economy, and the Federal Reserve. These passages are helping us make nice connections to topics that may of the students find interesting, and it’s an added bonus that we will be visiting the US Mint in Philadelphia and walking past the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C.

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