Dear SCS Families:

Another Sandwich Fair week has come and gone, and the trees are reminding us that winter is around the corner. With the extreme temperature change between morning recess and afternoon recess, it is best that students come to school dressed in layers. Please help guide your child’s wardrobe choices so that they can maintain comfort both in and out of school. We appreciate your help.

I want to offer my sincere thanks to all of the volunteers who helped us succeed last weekend. Despite the weather, we still managed to raise over five thousand dollars for the students at SCS. In addition to parking cars, we were also the recipient of the Best in Show award for our “Best Part of Me” poetry exhibit. This project was the result of a collaboration between SCS and ILHS. A group of AP English students traveled to SCS to guide our student’s writing and take all of the amazing photographs. In addition, all of the digital formatting and printing was completed by parent volunteer Marcy Greene. Thanks Marcy!!!!

petittiAll students have been setting personal learning goals.  They thought of a long term goal, Hope/Dream. These individual goals are in the hallway with their scuba divers in a display entitled "Diving into our Hopes and Dreams."  It is always fun to take these down at the end of the year and have the children read their goal to the class.  They are surprised when they realize they met a goal that seemed so big at the beginning of the year. We have been talking about the five Personal Competencies and the one they feel they could be working on.  Each student has also been sharing with me their short term goal "Two Stars and a Wish" for their portfolios which they will share with their parents during Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences on October 20.


Math:  Rookies have just wrapped up Unit 1 this week.  They have been working on automaticity with compliments of ten by playing games such as “Fishing for 10” and creating visual aids for their classroom.  The compliments of ten and doubles facts are called Helper Facts, and will aid students when adding difficult numbers. Students are also becoming more comfortable adding coins and using inequalities to compare amounts.  As we move onto unit two, we are starting to look at place value and number stories.  A family letter for unit two will be sent home next week.

hoagReading: We have recently finished our first round of literature circles and are working on a few activities to reflect on and connect with the books that we read. Students were given a choice of four culminating activities and are working hard to have their products ready to share during conferences next week. They have also spent time each week reading and discussing the articles in the ‘Time for Kids’ magazine. Their comments and reflections regarding the articles have been quite insightful. Once we are finished with the magazines, students will bring them home to share with their families.
Writing: Students have been working hard on their narrative writing pieces.

chapmanThe Sixth Grade would like to give a huge THANK YOU to all the parents who volunteered to help park cars during Fair Weekend.  We enjoyed being a part of the volunteer crew on all three days.  It’s a great experience for these students to be able to lend a hand in raising money for our school as well as our trip to Washington, D.C.  Thank you!
English Language Arts: The sixth grade students have been reading about, and taking notes on, the Egyptian gods and goddesses in preparation for their work on Egyptian mythology.  

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