School District Policies

When the School Board proposes new policies or substantial changes in existing policies, the policies are put out for public input for 30 days following approval of a first reading by the Board. The deadline for providing input on the policies below is November 6, 2017.  Comments and reactions will be reviewed by the Inter-lakes School Board at its meeting on November 14, 2017  If no major objections are voiced, the policies will be approved as final at that meeting.

Policy #1161 Non-Discrimination Policy Statement
Policy #1335 Use of Tobacco Products Strictly Prohibited in/on All School Facilities and/or Grounds
Policy #4212 Hiring for Athletic Assignments (Coaching)
Policy #4213 Hiring for Non-Athletic Assignments (Club and Class Advisors)
Policy #5111 Age of Entrance 
Policy #5125 Manifest Educational Hardship
Policy #5144.2 Corporal Punishment
Policy #5150 Notification of Rights Under FERPA
Policy #6012 Character and Citizenship
Policy #6111 School Calendar and School Year
Policy #6115 Patriotic Exercises
Policy #6154.1 Advanced Coursework/Advanced Placement Courses
Policy #6161 Service Animals
Policy #6174 Educating Students with Chronic Infectious Disease
Policy #9210 Functions and Responsibilities of a Board Chairman
Policy #9220 Functions and Responsibilities of a Vice-Chairman
Policy #9230 Functions and Responsibilities of the School Board Secretary
Policy #9250 Request for Legal Opinion
Policy #9270 Functions and Responsibilities of  School Board
Policy #9325 Policy Review
Policy #9410 Use of Electronic Mail
*Policy #8110 Board Review of Personnel Files   (Rescind)
*Policy #8201 Students Serving on School Board

*Public Impact through December 8, 2017
You may also
e-mail the Superintendent with your feedback at:



The current Inter-Lakes School Board Polices can be accessed below.
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1000: Community Relations
2000: Administration
3000: Business & Non-Instructional Operations
4000: Personnel
5000: Students
6000: Instruction
7000: New Construction
8000: Internal Board Operations
9000: By-Laws of the Board



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