TIGER Logo2016You might ask what is TIGER? “TIGER (Theater Integrating Guidance, Education, and Responsibility) is a powerful and exciting collaboration between the Integrated Arts and Counselor Education graduate programs at Plymouth State University.  TIGER is a professional theatre company designed to help children, schools, parents, and communities deal proactively and positively with social issues and concerns facing children in schools today.  Based entirely upon the anonymous writings of school children, a TIGER performance incorporates live actors, theatre, movement, and music to engage school audiences from K-12. By using childrens’ own words, TIGER enables children to hear their own voices as they step back from the experiences of bullying and the intolerance of individual differences to move into more positive social interactions at school and in their community” (https://campus.plymouth.edu/tiger/about-us/).

Students at Inter-Lakes Middle Tier will be treated to two different shows presented by TIGER in the months of January and February. On January 10, 2018, our fourth and fifth graders experienced a performance titled Let Your Star Shine. This performance centered on “encouraging young people to accept themselves and others by promoting self-esteem. On February 15, TIGER will be performing Bystander: A Portrait in Apathy for our sixth through eighth graders. This show is designed to give students the opportunity to initiate change themselves, to take ownership of their school’s climate, and to eliminate the things in their social lives at school that scare them the most.
These performances were sponsored by The Heart and Hands Thrift Shop of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Meredith, New Hampshire. Their generous contribution of $2,700.00 made these presentations possible. My thanks goes out to them.

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