roboticsThis year Inter-Lakes Middle Tier received a grant to create a VEX robotics team for fifth and sixth graders. There was so much interest that four teams were actually created. The groups are preparing to compete in this years VEX IQ challenge called Ringmaster.  Ringmaster is played on a 4’x8’ rectangular field. There are multiple stages to the competition. For the first stage, two robots compete in the Teamwork Challenge as an alliance in 60 second long teamwork matches working collaboratively to score points. Teams also compete in the Robot Skills Challenge where one robot takes the field to score as many points as possible. These matches consist of Driving Skills Matches, which will be entirely driver controlled, and Programming Skills Matches, where students will need to program the robot to drive through the course on its own. The object of the game is to attain the highest score by Scoring colored Rings on the Floor Goal and on Posts, by having Uniform Posts, by Emptying Starting Pegs, and by Releasing the Bonus Tray.

This weekend one of our teams traveled to Hill, New Hampshire to compete in their first competition. Team Botosauraus Vex, consisting of teammates Aidan Keogh-Vella, Ayden Anderson, Jacobi Christian, and Robert McPherson, took turns driving the robot they built and programing it to drive through the course autonomously. They did an excellent job and came in 10th place for the competition overall. This placement qualifies them for the state Tournament which will be held at Manchester Community College on February 18th. On January 28th representatives from Inter-Lakes other three robotics teams will test out their skills at their first competition in Somersworth, New Hampshire. Team members Calvin Despres, Finn Davis, James Thomson, John Richardson, Justin Knowles, Mackenzie Hibbert, Noah Salamanca, Wesley Bickford, and Sumner Mills hope to score high enough to join team Botosaurus Vex at the State Competition.

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