Fun in the Snow at I-LES

snowmanThe children will be sliding, climbing snow banks, and building forts!  We ask that students wear full winter apparel in order to play in the snow, so please send your child with snow pants, boots, coats, hats, and mittens/gloves.
The behavioral expectations at recess are the same, with a few added rules to help ensure everyone’s safety when there is snow and ice.  The following information was shared with teachers, but please review it at home with your child as well:


  • There will be sledding on different hills based on what is age appropriate for the grade level.
  • Only plastic roll-up sleds are allowed, and we ask that sleds be self-powered (rather than students pushing each other).
  • We are asking that only one person ride per sled, sitting upright, and facing forward.
  • Students need to be wearing their snow apparel to play in the snow.
  • Students are welcome to build snow people and forts, but we ask that students not throw/kick snow.
  • There may be slick spots on the playground at times.  We will do our best to monitor and treat the surfaces, but we ask that students refrain from intentionally sliding on the ice.


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