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Coming Spring 2020


April 17 and 18

The first rehearsal is Friday, January 31, 3:15-5:30.  Bring a snack. 

Parents' meeting at 5PM.  Please join us in the auditorium for a brief meeting.


Cast List

Please look through the whole list. 
Some actors may have more than one role.

Anna – Janney Halperin

Elsa – Alexa Lazazzera

Hans – Gabe Staples

Kristoff – Riley Towle

Olaf – Forest Hamel

Sven – Eden Hamel

Oaken – Lucas Scharankov

Young Anna – Gracie Stephens

Young Elsa – Katie Scadova

Middle Anna – Etta Wobber

Middle Elsa – Laney Sleeper

King Agnarr – Gus Kusch

Queen Iduna – Justine Vogeleer

Weselton – Braden Housden


Pabbie – Beckett Epstein

Bulda – Hannah Coleman

Hidden Folk: Lila Boxer, Emma Hovey, Kaleb Kimball, Kira Livernois, Kylee Maltais, Jayme Tucker, Summer Hamill, Maggie Twaddell, Evelyn Champagne


Castle Staff: (Castle Staff are included in Townspeople sections)

Housekeeper - Lola Hodgman

Butler – Morgann Jackson

Handmaiden – Gabrielle Sanschagrin

Cook – Brie Fitts

Steward – Meghan Hodge

Bishop – Kingston Christian

Guards – Finn McCann, Owen Dube


Townspeople: Amelia Dow, Avery Dubois, Landon Richards, Rowen Stevens, Audrey Gumpert, Mercedes Marquis, Samantha Reardon, Kiera Moynihan, Shaiyana Christian, Paige LaFavre, Alison Tichy, Christian Dow, Molly Bernier, Meghann Jackson, Hannah Dimond


Oaken’s Family – Gus Kusch, Lola Hodgman, Gabrielle Sanschagrin, Amelia Dow, Audrey Gumpert, Mercedes Marquis, Kiera Moynihan, Paige LaFavre, Alison Tichy


Snow Chorus –Justine Vogeleer, Laney Sleeper, Etta Wobber, Katie Scadova, Gracie Stephens, Kira Livernois, Jayme Tucker


Summer Chorus – Morgann Jackson, Brie Fitts, Meghan Hodge, Kingston Christian, Landon Richards, Owen Dube, Avery Dubois, Finn McCann, Rowen Stevens, Samantha Reardon, Shaiyana Christian, Christian Dow, Molly Bernier, Meghann Jackson, Hannah Dimond


Congratulations to the cast and crew of 
A Year With Frog a Toad!!!

Great Show!



January 10 at 7 pm and January 11 at 2 pm and 7 pm
Tickets available at the door!



IL season annoucement





Congratulations to the cast and crew of Peter and the Starcatcher

Peter Cast photo


Job well done!



Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Little Shop of Horrors!

Little Shop of Horrors logo


We are often asked by students and parents how a student actor can improve.
Below is a list of ideas.

1. Attend shows!

You do not need to travel to New York to see a good show. There are many
opportunities to see shows right here in the Lakes Region. Watch the paper for
shows at other middle and high schools. There are several community theaters
in the area: The Winnipesaukee Players, Streetcar Company, The Village
Players and The Little Church Theater.

If you expand the region from Plymouth to Concord, you could see a show every weekend.

Can’t afford to attend live theater? You can find many shows on YouTube.

2. Audition, A LOT!

Every audition is a chance to hone your skills. Even if you do not get a role
you will learn by seeing what different directors and music directors look for
when you audition for them.

3. Do more than just school shows!

You wouldn’t expect to become a concert pianist, NFL quarterback, or bestselling
author without lots of practice. You can’t improve your stage skills in just two
shows a year. The community theaters listed above often have shows that are
open to students. The Winnipesaukee Playhouse has a program for children and
a program for teens. They also have a summer internship program for teens as
does the Interlakes Summer Theater. Check out their websites for more

4. Take voice lessons!

Raw skill is great but we all know it takes training and practice to develop talent.
A voice teacher can help you improve your range, teach you proper techniques,
recommend songs for auditions and help you learn to deliver a song well.

Can’t afford voice lessons? Join a choir. You can learn a lot about proper
breathing, harmony, and technique by singing with a choir.

Just remember, singing pop, country or rock music is different from singing
for musical theater.

5. Take dance lessons

Raw skill is great but we all know it takes training and practice to develop talent.
A dance teacher will teach you proper technique, improve your rhythm and balance.

Can’t afford dance lessons? You can find plenty of dance lessons online.

Just remember, hip-hop, modern, and ballet are different from dancing
for musical theater.

Basically, the answer to this question is

Congratulations to the cast and crew
of Seussica

Seussical the Musical graphic


Oh the Thinks 2

 We performed at the

Read Across America assembly at I-LES!!!


Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of

Anne of Green Gables!  

Job well done! 


This article was written for college students, but it works for anyone in theater and in life!

Back to School—A Note to Theatre Students

Wizard of Oz poster

The Wizard of Oz

Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Wizard of Oz!  
Well done!!!!!

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