Technology News

techtoolsStudents in second and third grade have been busy using lots of technology tools to enhance their writing. They have been creating their own storybooks using a great tool called Wixie. Students use technology to help them in all steps of the writing process. They start by brainstorming in a story planner on google docs and using the app read&write for google chrome. This extension is a powerful tool that helps students gain confidence as readers and writers. 

It allows students to use tools like word prediction, dictionaries and picture dictionaries to help get the ideas flowing. With a plan for their fall stories, students then started in a Wixie project. Wixie is web-based digital authoring program that allowed students to add drawings and stickers to illustrate their writing.  Wixie accounts are available to students in first through third grade at I-LES. This program allows students to add text, images, use paint tools and record sounds. This web- based program is one that students can log into at home or anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Students log in using their school google account. For more information on how to use this tool, ask your child’s teacher or stop by the computer lab to see Mrs. DeCamp.

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