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The Learning Studio Model 2018-2019

What is the intent and philosophy of The Learning Studio?

              The Learning Studio is a collaborative learning environment where learners work with multiple teachers to meet their individual academic needs. At various times, learners work independently, in small groups, and as a whole class. The Learning Studio allows for flexible groupings of students by skill set, academic need, and child interest. The Learning Studio also allows for collaboration between teachers and learners; as well as provides for  "voice and choice" in learning.

Year 1: Successes

1) Providing Voice and Choice: This was an integral component of The Learning Studio experience this year for 1st- 6th grade mixed groupings of learners. Some options included:learning studio

-Fitness blocks with support from Mrs. Savage, high school physical education teacher.

- Fantastic Beast creations with the 3D printer and

support from Mrs. Caulder, Media Specialist.

- Lego Robotics, Ozobots, and Dash and Dot Coding with support from  Mrs. DeCamp, Technology Integrator.


-Mindfulness exercises

-Spring options include: sign language, nature hikes, cartooning.


2) Allowing for flexible groupings of students by skill set, academic need, and learner interest: Teachers feel they are meeting students’ diverse needs and interests! Some examples include:learning studio

-Project Based Learning Unit happened in the

5th/6th grade grouping

-The Learning Studio utilized a wide array of

technology resources

-Student completed “exit projects” after finishing

a unit of study. Students have a menu to choose

from of assessments that are tied to the ILSD


-Students are “moving when ready” to the next

competency based on their individual growth,

not necessarily the whole group’s growth.

3) Allowing for Learner, Parent, and Teacher Collaboration


-Teachers were able to have parent conferences as groups of educators working with

learners, giving a wide snapshot of student growth.


-Teachers in the studio had time in their schedules to collaborate with other teachers

to plan units and projects. Teachers in the studio also collaborated with their grade

level colleagues on grade level specific projects, field experiences, and guest speakers.


            Year 1: What have we learned?

-Scheduling continues to be a challenge when trying to flexibly group between

grade levels (A goal for the summer of 2019).


learning studio

-First grade students developmentally were not ready for the voice and choice

options and flexible groupings until well into the school year.


-There is a need for more students in the studio in order to allow for more diverse

skill groupings.

Year 2: Thoughts and plans for the 2019-2020 school year


-Leaving first grade as a stand alone class, similar to kindergarten, and work to have

first grade teachers begin introducing flexible groupings during the school year.


-Adding an additional Learning Studio second grade  based on needs for groupings learning studio

and parent interest at that grade level. Plans for

additions of grade levels in the following years.

-Expanding flexible groupings of students

beyond The Learning Studio classrooms,

meeting students where they are regardless of


What are learners and parents saying about The Learning Studio?


“I feel like I get a say in what I learn” -6th grade learner


“My child is excited to go to school!” - 4th grade parent


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