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     No School Friday, January 20th: Teacher Workday

Technology News


Lights, Camera, Action!

Students at I-LES love to be stars. During tech time, one of the favorite activities is movie making. Students learn how to make green screen films using a simple iPod app called Veescope Live. With this tool, students are able to key out the color green and replace it with a background of their choice.
In Kindergarten, Mrs. Bunnell’s class wrote their own book back based on Harold and the Purple Crayon.

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Pre-School News

preschoolThe preschool students recently created 2017 celebration hats and learned about snowmen. The children are currently learning about polar animals including polar bears, penguins, seals and the Arctic fox.

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Art News


Clay, Clay and more Clay! In the art room, there is probably no medium more popular than clay. At the beginning of each year, one of my goals is to provide every student with meaningful experiences in clay. However, managing 400+ students working in this beloved medium is the ultimate challenge. It is a difficult and lengthy process which requires careful planning and the logistics can be daunting especially when so many classes are participating in it at one time.

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Music News

mlkIn most music classes, we have been learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights movement. It’s important for students to know the connections between current events, historical events and music. We are learning some of the African American Spirituals and Freedom songs that were sung during these times.

Personal Competency for January: Perseverance

Perseverance: The ability and self control to push through challenges, or “grit” as many would call it, is our focus for the month of January at I-LES. Students and teachers have been using our competency wall to display what these competencies look and sound like in our building. Ms. Mulcahy and I continue to have our monthly talks with each grade level about how important these habits of the mind are to our school and community.

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Fun in the Snow

sleddingWith the snow that has accumulated so far this winter, the children are already sliding, climbing snow banks and building forts! We ask that students wear full winter apparel in order to play in the snow, so please continue to send your child with snow pants, boots, coats, hats and mittens/gloves.
The behavioral expectations at recess are the same, with a few added rules to help ensure everyone’s safety when there is snow and ice.

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Recess Guidelines

thermometerNow that winter weather has “settled in,” it seems like a good time to remind parents of the school’s guidelines regarding indoor vs. outdoor recess. If it is raining/sleeting, etc., indoor recess is held. If it is zero degrees or below (factoring in the wind chill), indoor recess is held. Please make sure your child is outfitted properly for recess on those colder than normal days!

Signs &Symptoms of Frostbite

hypothermiaAching pain or numbness, most often on hands, feet, face and ears
Skin that feels hard and waxy, with a white or grayish yellow color
What to Do - If you think your child is frostbitten, call the right away. Begin these steps:

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