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The Learning Studio Model 2018-2019

What is the intent and philosophy of The Learning Studio?

              The Learning Studio is a collaborative learning environment where learners work with multiple teachers to meet their individual academic needs. At various times, learners work independently, in small groups, and as a whole class. The Learning Studio allows for flexible groupings of students by skill set, academic need, and child interest. The Learning Studio also allows for collaboration between teachers and learners; as well as provides for  "voice and choice" in learning.

C:\Users\caitlin.henchey\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\IMG_8240.jpgPreschool has come back from space and we are now focused on more earthly habitats. While we had a great time learning about astronauts, planets, and of course rocket ships, it is time for a shift so we are focusing on farm, jungle, and ocean habitats. It is a lot of work learning about different environments, key points, and the plants and animals that live there, but we are up for the task. Our diorama projects are coming together well and we are planning, and sorting, but they are also a lot of fun to play with!
Preschool has definitely persevered through some challenging tasks! We have been working hard on independence, as well as trying different strategies to get through a tricky task or solve a perplexing problem. We are excited for spring and all the new challenges and experiences this season will bring!

Jesse Lewis: Choose Love Movement Logo

I found this great article through the Choose Love website on how important social-emotional skills are to employers. The work we do today with our children on communication, collaboration, and perseverance will pay off for them as they join the workforce in the future!


This month I-LES is working on tying our personal competency, perseverance, into Choose Love’s Courage trait. “Courage is doing the right thing, even if it may be hard. When you have courage it doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid. Having courage means you push those fears aside to do what is right. You make choices that help you be your best self, making life better for yourself and others.” Perseverance is the “grit” and work to be courageous!  Attached is the Courage Calendar, feel free to do some of these activities at home.



students participating in the cardboard challangeIn Mrs. Parsons’ fifth grade homeroom, students completed the Cardboard Challenge during Choice Time. The Cardboard Challenge is a global challenge designed to inspire creativity and design skills. Students were given any recycled materials needed to create something new. Students were very creative and projects ranged from vending machines, basketball games and bowling alleys, to rotating replicas of the solar system. Once the projects were completed, the rest of fifth grade was invited to join us for a Cardboard Carnival. Students presented their designs, answered questions, and taught students to play with their designs. It was a fantastic experience!


Parent(s)/Guardian(s) If you have moved, changed a phone number or have any new emergency contacts for your student(s), please be sure the school’s office has your new information, including any emergency names/numbers that may have changed. Please also make sure your voicemail is not “full,” as it is important that we be able to reach you if there is an emergency while your child is at school.


food pantryDid you know that there is a drop-off box in front of the Support Center (Rm. #144) for all non-perishable food items that are donated each week to the Meredith Food Pantry? Thanks to all those who continue to contribute. We are making a difference, one can/box at a time!

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