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Naturalist in the classroomInter-Lakes Elementary School has the pleasure of working in conjunction with Prescott Farm to offer a Naturalist in the classroom. We are lucky to have Jake Newcomb, or as many here warmly call him, JTN (Jake The Naturalist). Mr. Jake has recently been working with 5th graders connecting social studies, literature and natural living. Mr. Reidy and Mr. Jake are helping learners design, revise, and  create a 3 legged stool using only simple tools and their hands. There will be no screws, nails or any other type of fasteners.

Thankful TurkeysKindergarten has been hard at work thinking about all the things they are thankful for this week, and exploring many different Thanksgiving materials. Learners have been reading books about turkeys and the Mayflower which taught them about the voyage of the Pilgrims to the New World so many years ago. They learned about how hard moving to a new place was and about their friendship with the Wampanoag that helped them grow food and learn to live in a new place. Happy Thanksgiving!

Pete the CatThe morning and afternoon preschoolers recently learned about storybook characters by focusing on a favorite, Pete the Cat. The students sang popular Pete songs, painted his white shoes, counted his buttons as they decorated his shirt and put paper shapes together to create their own "Petes". As Thanksgiving approaches, the learners are currently illustrating pictures of their families, finding out what turkeys look like and creating painted turkeys and corn to decorate the hallway. Other activities include completing turkey feather patterns, finding words that begin with the letter Tt and assembling a "Where is the Turkey?" book. In December, the students will make gingerbread people and begin creating holiday gifts.

Some sample ornaments from I-LES for the Altrusa tree festivalWow! Are we ever fortunate in World Cultures this month.  We have had so many wonderful connections and opportunities!

First, we were visited by Carol Hebron, grandmother of two of our amazing learners.  Carol is from Australia, and she came in to share her knowledge and heritage with our third and fifth grade learners.  We enjoyed complete powerpoint presentations along with her vast array of tidbits and personal stories. The students were enthralled.

Next, we were visited by Andrew and Ashley Suckling, parents of two more amazing learners.  Andrew is from New Zealand, and he came to share his heritage and to help make authentic ornaments from New Zealand with kindergarten, second and third graders while his wife helped out. The ornaments will be displayed at the Altrusa Festival of Trees on our PTO “Christmas Around The World” tree, thanks to Lindsay Weiner, who reached out to collaborate with me for this special event. I feel so fortunate to be building such wonderful community connections!

Robotics TeamThis year is the third year that  Inter-Lakes Elementary School has received a grant to create a First Lego League robotics team. This year the interest was so great that we had two teams representing I-LES: the City Shapers and Lego Champions. The Lego Champions team was made up of 5th graders Owen Dube, Cody Boucher, Liam Hallett, William Lefty and 6th grader Kylee Tomes. The City Shapers team was made up of 5th graders: Hayden Hebron, Caleb Theriault, Brayden Robinson and 6th graders Kai Hackett and Cole Dembiec. The two teams worked hard to prepare for competition this past Saturday.

First Lego League Teams work together to design their own solutions to real-world problems and build autonomous LEGO® MINDSTORMS®robots that perform a series of missions based on an annual theme. This year’s theme is “City Shapers”.  

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