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Please note:  The Inter-Lakes School District is in contact with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.  We are following CDC guidelines for the coronavirus and COVID-19. The most important thing you can do is to encourage your child to practice good hygiene.  

  • Wash hands:  See video below
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow
  • Stay home when sick

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3/6/2020 Updated Information

3/4/2020 Updated Information

3/3/2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Have you moved, changed your child’s transportation, changed your phone number or want to update your emergency contacts? Now is a great time to contact the office and let them know of any changes.

Our school uses “Instant Alert” to send out automated notifications and messages about school cancellations, delays, bus delays and changes, and early closures. Instant Alert can deliver a message to any of your electronic devices via text message, voice message, and/or email. You can decide which of your devices receives these messages (you can choose one of your devices or more!).

Instant Alert is an internet-based program that allows you to maintain a password protected account. You can log-in to your account to add or change devices and other contact information.

Grade five cardboard challenge projectIn Mrs. Parsons social studies class, learners have begun learning about the 13 colonies and what it was like to be a colonist in the New World. We had Jake, the naturalist from Prescott Farm, visit and teach us how to spin wool by hand just as the colonist may have once done.  It is a lot trickier than it looks. learners have also taken on the persona of a colonist and are making decisions as they travel the coast to each colony. They have important decisions to make along the way that may, or may not, cause a problem along their journey. We have also created theories as to what happened to the colonists who once lived in Roanoke, the lost colony.   

 At the end of January learners completed the Cardboard Challenge and presented their creations to Mr. Reidy’s class.  Learners in both classes were excited to participate and share what they had created.

ancient greece

Sixth graders have taken a step back in time, and are currently traveling through Ancient Greece. Our learners have just started a big project, researching, writing, and creating a travel brochure. Their final product will teach travelers what they would have been able to do, see, eat and enjoy. They will also include gods they would learn about, and people they could meet. learners are even learning about the huge impact that the ancient Greeks had on our society today, over 2,000 years later! 

Do you believe in year round schooling, if learners should wear uniforms, if there is too much screen time and if plastics are good or disastrous for our animals, environment, or fellow humans? Your sixth grade learner has taken a position on one of these topics. Stay tuned to see which topic your child chose and be sure to read their persuasive essays. 


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