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conferenceTeachers in grades K-6 will be holding Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences on October 19th. There will be No School on Friday, October 19th to allow for the conferences.
In grades K-6, the goal is to hold Parent/Student & Teacher Conferences with every family as part of the K-6 reporting process. The conferences allow students, parents and teachers to discuss progress and set goals for the first half of the year. If for some reason parents cannot attend a conference, the teacher and student will hold the conference.
We believe strongly in the power of home/school communication and every parent who would like to conference will be accommodated. Please contact your child’s teacher to schedule a conference. Child care is provided in the Multi-Purpose Room from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Our school uses “Instant Alert” to send out automated notifications and messages about school cancellations, delays, bus delays and changes, and early closures. Instant Alert can deliver a message to any of your electronic devices via text message, voice message, and/or email. You can decide which of your devices receives these messages (you can choose one of your devices or more!).

Instant Alert is an internet-based program that allows you to maintain a password protected account. You can log-in to your account to add or change devices and other contact information.

At this time, you are already “entered” into the Instant Alert system with your main contact number that you provided to the school. This is the number that will be called when we send out an Instant Alert message.

If you have never logged into Instant Alert and set up your account, we strongly urge you to do so.

If you currently have an account set up, we strongly urge you to log in and check your contact information as this information is NOT updated or changed by the school.

Please go to to either create your account or check your existing account. If you have questions or need assistance, please call the school (279-7968) or feel free to drop by the school and we will assist you in setting up your account.


girls doing tech

This year every Monday the computer lab transforms into a Makerspace.

 A makerspace is a place where students can access various tools to explore and use creativity to create . Each week classroom teachers have the option to bring classes or send small groups to the lab to build and explore using different kinds of technologies. So far this year students learned about the engineer design process as they created tools and accessories to use with technology, like headphone holders. They have also learned about coding with robotic legos, dissected old computers and explored stop motion. Students are really enjoying the creative freedom and chance to explore with some of the awesome tools we have in the lab.

fitness tracker

We have started using the Gopher Fit Step Pro in our 3rd-6th grade Physical Education Classes.  These devices are able to track a students Steps, Activity Time and Moderate to Vigorous Activity (MVPA) Time.  At the end of each class, they are “docked” and the information is sent to a program in our computer. We are able to see a lot of information about each of the students when we do this.  We can compare activity time to steps and even see how long during class each student has achieved 100 steps per minute up to 160 steps per minute. This helps to show how much energy the student has exerted during class.  The students love the immediate feedback it gives them and really push themselves to get their numbers up there! It is a great tool that has been added to ILES, and that the ILMHS has also been utilizing. Ask your student about them and I’m sure they’d love to tell you more!  

Mr. Swift and Mrs. Bickford


fire safety - check the batteries in your smoke detectors!

Parents, your child(ren) will be learning about smoke alarms and other fire safety during fire safety week. Working smoke alarms save lives! That’s right- having smoke alarms in your home is very important! Smoke alarms let you know there is a fire. Working smoke alarms also give you time to get outside if there is a fire. LOOK around your home and make sure you have a smoke alarms on every level and inside every room where people sleep. PRESS the “Test” button on each smoke alarm. If the smoke alarm makes a “beep, beep, beep” sound, it is working. Make sure you test each smoke alarm every month. If the smoke alarm does not make a sound, REPLACE the battery or batteries. If it still doesn’t work, replace the entire smoke detector.

Your Child can help, too! Ask your child what they have learned about fire safety! Conversations are a great way to educate our children and ourselves!


Focus for October: Organization!

row of pumpkins 13



6 Great Ways to Develop Organizational Skills At Home

  1. Keep a family calendar and encourage your child to write their entries and reference the calendar when making plans.
  2. Introduce checklists: It can be as simple as “3 things to do before bed”.
  3. Assign chores that involve sorting or categorizing.
  4. Get ready the night before for school.
  5. Create a homework/papers box at home.
  6. Cook together- cooking teaches measuring, following directions, and managing time- all key elements in organization.

Inaugural Inter-Lakes Color Fun Run/Walk and Fall Fest - Oct 14

REMINDER: The Color Fun Run/Walk date is Sun, Oct 14 from 9 am - 12 pm.

As of today, we have almost 200 people registered! Time is running out to register for this amazing event! Register online here (with credit card):, or print out the paper registration found here: and return to your homeroom teacher with payment.  

In addition to the fun run/walk, we will also have fun games and activities taking place...sac races, pumpkin bowling, corn hole, face painting and more. There will be brunch food set up for you and your family and friends to enjoy. There truly will be something for everyone so mark your calendars and be there on Sunday, Oct 14 from 9 am - 12 pm - you’ll even get home before the Pats game! All money raised will benefit the Inter-Lakes PreK-12 students.

Cabbage Growing Contest at ILES

Last year, third graders at Inter Lakes Elementary School were each given a cabbage plant from Bonnie Cabbages to grow at home.  Eight students competed to see who could grow the largest cabbage. Here are the results:

Third Place Cabbage 14.8 pounds Second Place Cabbage 15.5 pounds First Place Cabbage 16 pounds
In third place,
with a cabbage weighing a tremendous 
14.8 pounds Audrey Gumpert!
In second place,
with a cabbage weighing an amazing
 15.5 pounds Brooke Doten!
In first place,
with a cabbage weighing a whopping 
16 pounds Lucas Hurd!

Lucas’s name will be submitted to Bonnie Cabbage.  Maybe he will be the lucky winner of all the cabbages grown in the state! Congratulations to all the cabbage growers!

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