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The Inter-Lakes School Board cordially invites all members of the Inter-Lakes School District Community to engage in learning about high quality learning practices for our Learners.  Our four-part learning series is an ongoing effort to build understanding of the design principles we are scaling into practice.  Together we unpack these design principles and engage in productive dialogue.  Our third session of this series will be on January 28, 2020 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM at the Inter-Lakes Middle/High School Auditorium.  Come join us as we focus on grading practices, reporting learner progress, and recognition. (CLICK HERE FOR MEETING SCHEDULE)

For those of you unable to attend the first two learning sessions, we invite you to access the following resources:

Learning Session I: Rigorous Learning & Assessment Practices; Standards for Learning 

Learning Session II: Instructional Practices; Pathways to Learning; Personal Competencies;Growth Mindset  

    Learning Series II - Clip 1 - Vision to Reality - Brian Stack  
    Learning Series II - Clip 2 - CBI Learning Progression
    Learning Series II - Clip 3 - Growth Mindset and Personal Competencies

Learning Session III: Grading Practices; Reporting Learner Progress; Recognition

    Learning Series III - Clip 1 
    Learning Series III - Clip 2 - College Admissions Panelollege Admissions Panel

As we engage with the greater school community on building understanding for high quality learning principles, practices, and procedures we are seeking feedback on the document developed to capture and communicate these many aspects.This document is referred to as the Inter-Lakes School District’s Design Principles, Practices, and Procedures For: Learning, Assessing Learner Progress, and Using Grades to Report Learner Progress. Some parts of the document communicate practices that are already in place; other aspects reflect draft design proposals which will be informed through this year’s work. 

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