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Core Values Survey Committee

Dear Community Members:


The Inter-Lakes School District is embarking on an ambitious plan to chart the course for growth and progress for the next five years.  The district, known for its excellence in education, continues its pursuit of educational improvement for the students of Center Harbor, Meredith, and Sandwich.


Last year, a team of community, school, parent, student, and teacher members met to craft the district’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values.  Their work created the foundation of a document that we will use to create common goals and strategies, which will determine and drive our common goals for the future.  The Steering Committee crafted five Core Values that provide us with the basis for our plan of action.  The district is constructing teams to address each of the core values as it begins a process that will serve to make our organization extraordinary. 


Through your participation, insight, thoughtful perspectives, and enthusiasm, we will challenge our current way of looking at all aspects of our educational programming. The district believes that, through unity and teamwork, we can create a document that will be of mutual benefit, not only to our students, but also to the whole community.


 As you consider what role you may play in this process, let us share those core values with which we will be developing goals and strategies:


Core Values

We believe that…

1. personalizing each student’s education, while focusing on effective communication and critical and creative thinking, inspires learning and maximizes success.


2. the purpose of education is to produce responsible citizens through developing self-aware and self-reliant learners by extending beyond core academics to include the arts, cultural awareness, and physical, social, and emotional well being.


3. people learn best when their intellectual, social, and physical needs are met, where students feel supported in a structured and collaborative environment.


4. active commitment of family, community and schools is essential for a quality learning experience.


5. quality learning requires the attraction and retention of  exceptional teachers and staff members who arecontinually  supported by relevant professional development and provided  with necessary resources.


If you believe that you are available to assist the district with this project, we ask that you identify that Core Value you feel most interested in working on and complete the slip below.  Please return this form to any one of our school buildings or the SAU Office by October 19, 2012.  Once we have collected and disaggregated those returned forms, we will be establishing our committees.  Please know, in the event that you are not chosen to participate on a committee, we will still want to gather your input to assist us in framing our final document.



I look forward to your response to our invitation to join with us in charting the future of the Inter-Lakes School District.  To find out more about our Vision, Mission, and Core Values please visit






Mary Ellen Ormond


Mary Ellen Ormond

Superintendent of Schools

Inter-Lakes School District | 103 Main Street | Meredith, NH 03253


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